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August 31, 2008

Islamic Knowledge

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In addition to his scientific background, Ali possesses a background in Islamic studies. In 1987, he was the recipient of a scholarship to study theology at the Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia. While living in Medina, Ali furthered his studies with the great scholars of the Prophet’s mosque.

Due to his passion for learning, Ali quickly progressed in his studies and is recognized as one of the few Muslim experts in the US in the field of Islamic Theology and Philosophy. He has taught both Theology and Quranic studies at the university level.

For over 15 years Ali has delivered hundreds of Islamic workshops and lectures locally and around the world.


PhD in Computational Biology

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On December 1, 2004, Ali successfully defended his dissertation on “Chaos and Complexity in Cancer” and was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in Computational Biology. He also holds undergraduate degrees in both Biology and Computer Science.

In a recently published article about Ali, Curtis Jamison– Ali’s dissertation director at George Mason University– said Ali’s innovations in computational biology pointed to a significant breakthrough in cancer research. Ali was hired by the University to design a computer system that coordinated the research of several universities. While he was at George Mason, Ali published or co-published a dozen scientific papers.

Ali loved to discuss ideas, Jamison said, and at no point did he find an Islamic influence in his views, much less a religious extremism.

Who is Dr. Ali Al-Timimi

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Dr. Ali Al-Timimi is a first generation American.

Born in 1963, Ali was raised in Washington DC. His parents immigrated from Iraq to America in the 1950’s. A cancer researcher and an expert on Islamic theology and philosophy; on July 14, 2005 Dr. Al-Timimi was unjustly sentenced to life in US prison plus 70 years for speaking about Islam.

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